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First Blair Witch Gameplay Trailer Drops
Posted by: Sam Tree | 30 July 2019

The first trailer for Bloober Team and Lionsgate Games’ Blair Witch has been released, and it looks amazing!


RCMloader ONE
Posted by: Sam Tree | 29 July 2019

The RCMLoader is a one-size-fits-all Payload.bin loader for the Nintendo Switch. It’s light, portable and easy to use which makes it an attractive alternative to other launchers on the market; especially if you like to use an assortment of custom firmware instead of just the one.


Internal Memo Allegedly Instructs Nintendo Customer Service Team to Offer Free JoyCon Repairs
Posted by: Sam Tree | 24 July 2019

An internal memo leaked to Vice.com allegedly reveals that Nintendo will offer free repairs to player’s JoyCons after the backlash surrounding “JoyCon Drift”.


New Subspecies, New Gathering Hub and More in Latest Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Trailer
Posted by: Sam Tree | 11 July 2019

A new trailer for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne shows off the new Gathering Hub in the Seliana headquarters, new monster subspecies, plus other gameplay improvements and additions.


Nintendo Confirms the Nintendo Switch Lite - A Handheld Focused Switch Console
Posted by: Sam Tree | 10 July 2019

One of this year’s worst kept secrets – thanks to a number of accessory leaks as well as the system’s backplate being pictured a few months ago – the Switch Lite has now been confirmed by Nintendo and will release later this year.


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