Virtual Reality


Nintendo Enters the VR Game - But it's Not What You Think
Posted by: Sam Tree | 7 March 2019

24 years after the failure of the Virtual Boy, Nintendo once again tries its hand at VR, but with a twist.


Story Book VR Adventure Moss Getting Physical Release
Posted by: Sam Tree | 8 May 2018

Critically acclaimed Moss is getting a physical release date next month.


Five Ways You Will Die - Island Time VR
Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 30 March 2018

Get ready to channel your inner Tom Hanks as developer Flight School Studio has announced that their upcoming VR survival game Island Time VR will be released for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR on 3rd April


PSVR Gets a Pricedrop
Posted by: Sam Tree | 28 March 2018

Since October 2016 the PSVR has received more than 300 games and has been doing fairly well. It looks like Sony is trying to push more units by giving the device a permanent price drop.


Island Time VR Reveal Trailer
Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 20 February 2018

Flight School Studio has announced a survival game called Island Time VR, due for release this Spring for PlayStation VR, Oculus, HTC Vive and Steam VR. The game takes a humorous approach to being stranded on a deserted island and will challenge players on their crafting and survival skills.


PC Gaming versus Console Gaming: Which One Reigns Supreme?
Posted by: Adele Kruger | 16 November 2017

Ever since the 80’s, the old PC Gaming versus Console Gaming debate has divided the gaming community. Each gaming method has their merits and in the end, it’s all about personal preference.


SIE London Studio Announces VR shooter Blood & Truth
Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 31 October 2017

SIE developer London Studio has revealed their latest IP at Paris Games Week, a VR shooter set in London called Blood & Truth and follows ex-soldier Ryan Marks’ quest for vengeance against the gang that killed his family


LA Noire 4K Trailer
Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 27 October 2017

Rockstar Games have released a trailer for their remastered version of their gritty, detective action-adventure game LA Noire, all rendered in glorious 4K Ultra HD


LA Noire to be Re-released on All Modern Consoles This November
Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 7 September 2017

Rockstar Games have announced that their open-world crime thriller LA Noire will be making its way to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this November with 1080p optimisation, along with 4K optimisation for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. For those unfamiliar with the game.


The Inpatient - Story Trailer
Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 30 August 2017

Sony has released a story trailer for Supermassive’s upcoming VR horror game The Inpatient, set in the Blackwood Sanatorium, over 60 years prior to the 2016 BAFTA award-winning Until Dawn


Shooty Fruity Announced For All Major VR Platforms
Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 17 August 2017

British developer and publisher has revealed their insanely fun looking new IP Shooty Fruity will be released for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in late 2017. The game looks like a hybrid of Job Simulator and Fruit Ninja as the player assumed the role of checkout assistant whilst blasting mutant fruit to pulpy smithereens!


Arizona Sunshine DLC and Update 1.02 Details
Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 26 July 2017

Vertigo Games has announced that owners of PS VR zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine will receive free post launch DLC and have addressed some player feedback with their 1.02 update which looks to solve the issue with optimisation for the PS Aim controller


Platform Puzzle Game The Lost Bear announced for PS VR
Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 11 July 2017

Newly formed Odd Bug Studios has announced that their first game, the charming looking VR platform puzzle game The Lost Bear, will be making its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro


Action-Packed Story-Driven Shooter Archangel Coming to All Major VR Platforms
Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 15 June 2017

California-based developer Skydance Interactive has revealed a trailer for its first original title Archangel, which drops players into the cockpit of a six-story war machine.


Sony's E3 2017 PlayStation VR Line Up Summary
Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 13 June 2017

Sony continued to show their support for their virtual reality headset, with a handful of trailers for new games showcased during their E3 conference, with early adopters (like me) in attendance and streaming the event simultaneously breathing a sigh of relief and gasping at the titles up on the big screen