Kingdom Hearts - The Story So Far Announced for PlayStation 4…

Square Enix has today announced a new Kingdom Hearts compilation for the PlayStation 4 which collects together the current Kingdom Hearts chapters in…

Sam Tree Oct 05, 2018 Comments

Mincraft: Story Mode Season Two - Episode Three Out Next Week…

Telltale Games has today confirmed that the third episode of Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two will be released early next week. The third episode, tit…

Sam Tree Sep 14, 2017 Comments

How to Fix Error 002-0123 on Sky3DS+ (Orange Button)

Just like the blue and red button versions of the Sky3DS you can use the Sky3DS+ to play backups of your games. This guide will help you fix the 002-0…

Sam Tree Jan 23, 2016 Comments

How to Fix Sky3DS Error Code: 002-0123

The Sky3DS is a great device for those of us with a lot of games. Instead of carrying around a number of expensive cartridges you can keep them all sa…

Sam Tree Nov 24, 2015 Comments

Homepass Guide for Windows 10 - Updated

A lot of people have been requesting a guide to set up Homepass on Windows 10, so we have put together a short and simple guide on how to get the NBAH…

Sam Tree Aug 10, 2015 Comments

HomePass Tutorial for 3DS Version 9.4 on Windows - Updated

Back in version 6.2 Nintendo added the StreetPass Relay function, which widened the StreetPass functionality. Unfortunately, there are still some 3DS…

Sam Tree Dec 24, 2014 Comments

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