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FIFA 17 to Run on Frostbite Engine
Posted by: Sam Tree | 7 June 2016

EA has announced that the next game in the FIFA series, FIFA 17 will be powered but the true-to-life game engine, Frostbite.


The Empire Strikes Back Character Pack Add-on Pack Trailer for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Posted by: Sam Tree | 7 June 2016

With the release of LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens three weeks away, warner Bros. has today released a new video showing the characters included in The Empire Strikes Back Character Pack.


Live action thriller game The Bunker trailer
Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 2 June 2016

Wales Interactive have released a trailer for their live action thriller game The Bunker, starring The Hobbit’s Adam Browne and Penny Dreadful’s Sarah Greene; and is due to launch on PC in September, followed by multiple platforms.


WWE 2K17 Pre Order Bonus Announcement and Trailer
Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 1 June 2016

Following a brief tease on their social media pages, WWE has announced who will be their pre order bonus character via a reveal trailer for this years installment of their 2K wrestling series – the man known as Goldberg


Season Pass Details Announced for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Posted by: Sam Tree | 27 May 2016

More details have been released on LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the form of its season pass. The DLC will offer players new game levels, story-driven content as well as additional characters.


Ninja Video Games - a RETROspective
Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 25 April 2016

The recent release of Lince Work’s trailer for their upcoming third-person stealth adventure game Aragami got me thinking of all the ninja games I’ve played over the years, and raised the question in my mind: Is this the ninja stealth game we’ve (or should that be I’ve) been waiting for? The trailer grabbed my interest with the little things – using shadows to the protagonist’s advantage, using supernatural forces and the discreet flick of his blade to rid it of an enemy’s blood.


'What We Deserve' Finale Trailer for Telltale's Michonne Mini-Series Released
Posted by: Sam Tree | 21 April 2016

With the third and final episode of Michonne’s mini-series releasing next week, Telltale has released a trailer giving players a glimpse of what to expect from the finale.


Michonne's Mini Series Comes to An End Later this Month
Posted by: Sam Tree | 19 April 2016

The third and final episode of Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead: Michonne’ miniseries is coming to an end later this month. Telltale has released new screenshots and the release date.


Michonne's 'Give No Shelter' Episode 2 Out Tomorrow
Posted by: Sam Tree | 28 March 2016

The second episode of Michonne’s three part mini series from Telltale is available as of tomorrow for all compatible devices.


New Gameplay Trailer for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Released
Posted by: Sam Tree | 23 March 2016

The first official gameplay trailer for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been released today, giving fans an idea of what to expect from LEGO’s take the newest entry into the Star Wars saga.


Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5 Out Later This Month with More On The Way
Posted by: Sam Tree | 22 March 2016

Telltale have today announced that their brick-based, episodic entry in the Minecraft universe: Minecraft: Story Mode will be getting it’s next episode later this month.


Will Microsoft's Acceptance of Cross-Platform Play End the Console Wars?
Posted by: Sam Tree | 16 March 2016

As some of you may know, Microsoft have announced that they will be opening the closed network that Xbox One connects to, which will allow players to connect with players on other platforms (developer permitting). Will this end the console wars?


Free DLC Adds Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Character Pack to PlayStation
Posted by: Sam Tree | 14 March 2016

We’re a little under 2 months away from the release of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, a movie that promises to tackle one of comic book’s biggest events. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has today released a new video showcasing some of the new characters that are now available in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers.


The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2: 'Give No Shelter' Release Date and Trailer
Posted by: Sam Tree | 14 March 2016

Telltale has today announced that episode two of their Michonne mini series will be released later this month. In addition they have provided us with a new trailer showing what to expect in Michonne’s continued journey.


Insurgency: Sandstorm Coming to PC and Consoles in 2017
Posted by: Sam Tree | 23 February 2016

New World Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have today announced that Insurgency: Sandstorm will be coming to consoles and the PC in 2017.