Nintendo Confirms Nintendo Direct Tonight
Posted by: Sam Tree | 17 January 2018

After airing their Direct Mini last Thursday fans were adamant that Nintendo still had more to announce. It looks like the community was on point with this one.


[Rumour] Is South Park: The Fractured But Whole Coming to the Nintendo Switch?
Posted by: Sam Tree | 14 January 2018

An Australian multimedia website has listed South Park The Fractured But Whole for the Nintendo Switch, allegedly due for release on the 13th of March.


Nintendo Direct Mini Confirms Upcoming DLC, Updates and New Releases for this Year
Posted by: Sam Tree | 11 January 2018

In a surprise Nintendo Direct, and after weeks of fan speculation, the video games giant has confirmed a number of upcoming releases for DLC, updates and full games in the coming months for the Nintendo Switch.


Team Xecuter Tease Nintendo Switch Custom Firmware
Posted by: Sam Tree | 2 January 2018

The team behind a number of popular modding tools for the Xbox, Team Xecuter, has confirmed that they have successfully opened up Nintendo’s newest console to custom firmware.


Image & Form Confirm SteamWorld Heist for Nintendo Switch
Posted by: Sam Tree | 16 December 2017

Piper Faraday and her ragtag group of steambots are making their way to the Nintendo Switch later this month in SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition.


Nintendo Switch Version 4.1.0 Now Live
Posted by: Sam Tree | 5 December 2017

Nintendo has rolled out version 4.1.0 for the Nintendo Switch. Users looking to update should get the automatic prompt when they next turn on their systems.


Yooka-Laylee Finally Has a Nintendo Switch Release Date
Posted by: Sam Tree | 29 November 2017

After what feels like an eternity of waiting, Playtonic Games has finally confirmed a solid release date for Yooka-Laylee on the Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo Confirms Big Update for Splatoon 2 Starting This Week
Posted by: Sam Tree | 21 November 2017

Starting this week Nintendo has confirmed that Splatoon 2 will be getting a host of fresh new content!


Free Update Adds Grand Prix Mode and More to Super Bomberman R
Posted by: Sam Tree | 15 November 2017

Konami has today announced that a free update to Super Bomberman R for the Nintendo Switch will bring with it a host of new content as well as a new mode: Grand Prix Mode.


Batman - The Telltale Series Coming to Nintendo Switch this November
Posted by: Sam Tree | 9 November 2017

Telltale has announced the first season of their episode take on the Caped Crusader will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this month as both a physical copy and digital download.


Rocket League Launch Trailer
Posted by: Sam Tree | 7 November 2017

With the release of Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch only a week away, Psyonix has released a new launch trailer giving fans a look at what to expect.


Third Party Wireless Controller "Trident PRO-S" Available Now for Nintendo Switch
Posted by: Sam Tree | 7 November 2017

Players looking for an affordable wireless controller for their Nintendo Switch have been out of luck as of late. The only options being the official Pro Controller which costs a small fortune or nothing at all. Game Devil is looking to change that with the release of their Trident PRO-S Controller, one of the first third-party wireless controllers for the Nintendo Switch.


Take on 20 Years Worth of Villains in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon
Posted by: Sam Tree | 2 November 2017

The Pokémon Company has confirmed that the rumoured Rainbow Team Rocket are indeed real and made up of villains from the series and led by none other than Giovanni himself.


Psyonix Announces Rocket League is Coming to Nintendo Switch in November
Posted by: Sam Tree | 31 October 2017

Rocket League fans rejoice! Psyonix has finally announced that the Nintendo Switch version of their popular high octane sports franchise will be making it’s way to consoles in two weeks time.


LA Noire 4K Trailer
Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 27 October 2017

Rockstar Games have released a trailer for their remastered version of their gritty, detective action-adventure game LA Noire, all rendered in glorious 4K Ultra HD