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Pokémon Masters First Look
Posted by: Sam Tree | 28 June 2019

DeNa in partnership with The Pokémon Company has released more information on their upcoming mobile title, Pokémon Masters. First revealed during the annual Pokémon Press conference back in May, Pokémon Masters is due for release on Android and iOS devices later this year.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Release Window Announced. Now Coming to Smart Phones Too
Posted by: Sam Tree | 11 June 2019

Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered will be releasing this Winter, some sixteen years after its debut on the GameCube back in 2003, and this time around will also be playable on smartphones.


Xbox E3 2019 Roundup
Posted by: Sam Tree | 10 June 2019

Microsoft had a lot to announce at this year’s E3, so you’d be forgiven for missing a few things. Worry not, we have you covered with a roundup of everything they had to announce during their live stream.


Pokémon Press Conference Roundup
Posted by: Sam Tree | 29 May 2019

In a press conference held by The Pokémon Company last night, the company announced four new titles in the Pokémon franchise.


[Rumour] Could YouTube be Coming to the Nintendo Switch this Week?
Posted by: Sam Tree | 6 November 2018

Fans have been requesting video streaming features on the Nintendo Switch since it launched in March last year. Our friends over the pond were given access to Hulu last November, but other than that, the Switch is pretty thin on the ground when it comes to media streaming apps.


Minecraft Bedrock Server Files Now Available
Posted by: Sam Tree | 17 September 2018

Earlier this month Mojang sneakily released the server files for the bedrock edition of Minecraft.


Professor Layton Getting an HD Remake for Mobile Devices
Posted by: Sam Tree | 29 May 2018

Japanese magazine Famitsu has confirmed that Professor Layton and the Curious Village will be getting the HD remake treatment, to be released on mobile devices.


Larvitar Confirmed for Next Pokémon Go Community Day
Posted by: Sam Tree | 23 May 2018

Make a note on your calendars in June Pokémon Trainers as Larvitar has been confirmed as the next monster to take the spotlight during Pokémon Go’s next Community Day.


Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Coming to Nintendo Switch Later This Month
Posted by: Sam Tree | 9 February 2018

Originally released on iOS and Android devices Lone Wolf is based on the ‘Choose your own ending’ books that were popular in the 80’s – some of you younger gamers might remember R. L. Stine wrote a number of Goosebumps books in this format.


Sam is Ubisoft's New Gaming Assistant
Posted by: Sam Tree | 24 January 2018

Ubisoft has today announced Sam, a gaming assistant designed to enhance the players gaming experience and powered by Google Cloud’s Dialogflow Enterprise Edition.


Nintendo Announces an Animal Crossing Mobile Direct This Wednesday
Posted by: Sam Tree | 23 October 2017

Other than letting us know this Direct will focus on the upcoming Animal Crossing game for smart devices, Nintendo hasn’t let on much more about the stream.


Jesse and Co Return in Episode Two ‘Giant Consequences’ of Minecraft Story Mode: Season Two
Posted by: Sam Tree | 10 August 2017

Ahead of its release next week, Telltale and Mojang have rolled out a new trailer for the second instalment of season two for Minecraft Story Mode.


Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within Launch Trailer Ahead of Season Premiere
Posted by: Sam Tree | 3 August 2017

Season two of Telltale’s Batman series kicks off later this month with episode one of a five-part episode story.


Telltale Announces Final Season of The Walking Dead, Batman: The Enemy Within and The Wolf Among Us Season 2
Posted by: Sam Tree | 19 July 2017

Telltale has today released a Nintendo Direct style video announcing three new seasons for some of their popular series: The Walking Dead, Batman and The Wolf Among Us.


Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 - Episode 1 "Hero in Residence" Trailer
Posted by: Sam Tree | 8 July 2017

Season two of Minecraft: Story Mode looks to be kicking off with a bang this month. The new trailer gives us an idea of what to expect, with the female version of Jassie being in the spotlight this time around.