Xbox E3 2019 Roundup
Posted by: Sam Tree | 10 June 2019

Microsoft had a lot to announce at this year’s E3, so you’d be forgiven for missing a few things. Worry not, we have you covered with a roundup of everything they had to announce during their live stream.


New Game Minecraft: Dungeons, Pandas and More Announced at Minecon 2018
Posted by: Sam Tree | 30 September 2018

It looks like Mojang has been busy lately. In an announcement at the Anual Minecon event the company revealed a new game that will be coming to the PC in 2019; Minecraft: Dungeons. In addition, the main game in the series will be getting an update to Villages in the “Village and Pillage” update.


Minecraft Bedrock Server Files Now Available
Posted by: Sam Tree | 17 September 2018

Earlier this month Mojang sneakily released the server files for the bedrock edition of Minecraft.


SpecialEffect Releases ‘EyeMine’ Software That Lets You Play Minecraft with Your Eyes
Posted by: Sam Tree | 17 April 2018

UK-based charity SpecialEffect has today released their unique open-source software called EyeMine, which allows gamers and non-gamers alike with severe physical difficulties to play the PC version of Minecraft with just their eyes!


How to Survive The End In Minecraft
Posted by: Sam Tree | 18 December 2017

Your exciting journey through the Minecraft world has taken you to the deepest recesses of the ground, exploring dark caves, fighting dangerous Endermen, and, finally, to a vast, dangerous Stronghold. You activate the portal, mentally prepare yourself to jump into The End, and defeat the Ender Dragon. But wait! Are you even prepared?


Mincraft: Story Mode Season Two - Episode Three Out Next Week
Posted by: Sam Tree | 14 September 2017

Telltale Games has today confirmed that the third episode of Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two will be released early next week. The third episode, titled Jailhouse Block follows Jesse and pals into an inescapable prison called The Sunshine Institute.


Jesse and Co Return in Episode Two ‘Giant Consequences’ of Minecraft Story Mode: Season Two
Posted by: Sam Tree | 10 August 2017

Ahead of its release next week, Telltale and Mojang have rolled out a new trailer for the second instalment of season two for Minecraft Story Mode.


Minecraft Version 1.10 Available Now -The 'Frostburn' Update
Posted by: Sam Tree | 9 June 2016

For those of you expecting version 2.0, you’re out of luck. But Mojang has added a few new features to Minecraft in the ‘Frostburn’ update which is available now on PC and Mac.


The Mushroom Kingdom Invades Minecraft Later This Month
Posted by: Sam Tree | 9 May 2016

Nintendo has announced today that Mario and Co will be making an appearance in the Wii U version of Minecraft.


Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5 Out Later This Month with More On The Way
Posted by: Sam Tree | 22 March 2016

Telltale have today announced that their brick-based, episodic entry in the Minecraft universe: Minecraft: Story Mode will be getting it’s next episode later this month.


Yes, Video Games are Actually Good For You
Posted by: Glacier Gaming | 23 November 2015

For many years, the merits of video games have been debated. While most people probably just play them for fun, some folks always have to quantify and analyse everything. Do video games make you smarter? Can they make you dumber? Do they encourage violence? While the answers have varied widely, new evidence may finally be able to put these issues to rest once and for all.


Has Minecraft Wii U Been Prematurely Confirmed by PEGI?
Posted by: Sam Tree | 12 November 2015

It looks like PEGI have accidently revealed the release date for Minecraft on the Wii U.


Point of View: We Should Support More Kickstarters
Posted by: Justin Morgan | 14 September 2015

Kickstarter is the most important thing to happen for gaming in the last 5 years. Here is why.


Mojang Rolling Out Minecraft Windows 10 Edition
Posted by: Sam Tree | 28 July 2015

Mojang have confirmed that they have now started rolling out Minecraft Windows 10 Edition to players ahead of tomorrows launch for the new Microsoft owned operating system.


Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode Gets its First Trailer
Posted by: Sam Tree | 4 July 2015

The kings of episodic gaming, Telltale Games, has released the first trailer for their upcoming episodic game based on Mojang’s popular building game, Minecraft.