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Write for Us

We’re always looking for new team members who are as passionate about video games like we are. Whether you’re looking to write news articles, reviews…

Glacier Gaming May 12, 2017 Comments

Review Score Framework v1.2

Here at Glacier Gaming, we strive to offer honest reviews and to score games consistently on both their merits and their flaws. In order to achieve c…

Sam Tree Mar 04, 2017 Comments

Nintendo Switch UK hands-on

I was one of those lucky enough to win entry to the UK hands-on premiere for the Nintendo Switch. Turning up there, I quickly discovered this was a le…

Joe Perrin Jan 26, 2017 Comments

Punch Bowl Gaming is Hosting a 24 Hour Charity Stream

Fellow Glacier Gamer and writer, Chris, who also happens to be the owner of Punch Bowl Gaming on YouTube is embarking on a 24-hour streaming mission t…

Sam Tree May 27, 2016 Comments

Review Score Framework v1.1

Here at Glacier Gaming, we operate on a review scale from 1 to 10. The score given to a game takes into account a number of factors, including – but n…

Glacier Gaming Apr 30, 2016 Comments

UK Mew Code Giveaway [Closed]

From now until the end of February, GAME UK is giving away the original mythical Pokémon, Mew, via distribution code. If you’re not able to get into y…

Sam Tree Feb 07, 2016 Comments

How to Fix Error 002-0123 on Sky3DS+ (Orange Button)

Just like the blue and red button versions of the Sky3DS you can use the Sky3DS+ to play backups of your games. This guide will help you fix the 002-0…

Sam Tree Jan 23, 2016 Comments

How to Fix Sky3DS Error Code: 002-0123

The Sky3DS is a great device for those of us with a lot of games. Instead of carrying around a number of expensive cartridges you can keep them all sa…

Sam Tree Nov 24, 2015 Comments

Has Minecraft Wii U Been Prematurely Confirmed by PEGI?

It looks like PEGI have accidently revealed the release date for Minecraft on the Wii U.

Sam Tree Nov 12, 2015 Comments

New 3DS Review - Part 2 Games

So now that I have my New Nintendo 3DS unboxed and set up, I’m going to do a system transfer from my Nintendo 3DS XL, and I’ll play a few games. Let’s…

Joe Perrin Jan 15, 2015 Comments

New 3DS Review - Part 1 Unboxing & Setup

When the New Nintendo 3DS was announced, my response was something along the lines of a loud groan. Its boasts of an extra C-Stick and improved proces…

Joe Perrin Jan 14, 2015 Comments

Competition Time - Don't Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is a standalone multiplayer expansion of the uncompromising survival game, Don’t Starve, and Glacier Gaming’s resident YouTuber…

Sam Tree Jan 12, 2015 Comments

Happy New Year From Glacier Gaming

Hello to all of our fellow Glacier Gamers. We know we have been a little inactive over the course of Christmas, but we wanted to let you know we are s…

Sam Tree Dec 31, 2014 Comments

Winners of the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Special Demo…

Today is results day! The winners have been picked (completely at random). Read on to find out the results!

Sam Tree Oct 19, 2014 Comments

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Special Demo Giveaway!…

Calling all Pokefans! We have 2 codes for the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Special Demo to give away. Read on to find out how you can be in w…

Sam Tree Oct 15, 2014 Comments

Competition Time! Win a Steam Code for The Long Dark Early Access…

Do you fancy yourself winning a Steam code for The Long Dark? Then look no further! Glacier Gaming’s EdgyNinja is giving away a code to one lucky winn…

Sam Tree Sep 29, 2014 Comments


Some of you may have noticed that the main site and forums have been a little quite recently. I was in a bike crash last week and from that I do not h…

Sam Tree Sep 11, 2014 Comments

Glacier Gaming Forums

The new and improved Glacier Gaming forums is now online, the one one will still be made available, but in a read only fashion, you know, for nostalgi…

Sam Tree Aug 23, 2014 Comments

Glacier Gaming Interviews Christian Fonnesbech - Creative Directo…

Here at Glacier Gaming, we got a chance to fire a few questions at the creative director of the upcoming Cloud Chamber: Christian Fonnesbech. Cloud Ch…

Sam Tree Jul 16, 2014 Comments

Glaciercraft Server Upgrade *UPDATE*

The Glaciercraft server is undergoing an upgrade, and is offline for the moment. We anticipate this should last no more than 6 hours. We will keep you…

Sam Tree Mar 05, 2014 Comments

Team Speak Server Upgrade *UPDATE*

The Team Speak server is undergoing an upgrade, and is offline for the moment. We anticipate this should last no more than 6 hours. We will keep you u…

Sam Tree Mar 05, 2014 Comments

Glacier Gaming Forums Scheduled Maintenance

The site forums will be down this evening from 7pm GMT for scheduled maintenance. I estimate the forum will be closed for about 3 hours, but it may no…

Sam Tree Jan 25, 2014 Comments

Team Speak Server Back Online

After a short period of downtime, the Team Speak server is back up and running again.

Sam Tree Jan 19, 2014 Comments

Glaciercraft Minecraft Server Offline

Glacier Gaming’s Minecraft server: Glaciercraft has been taken offline for the time being. This is only a temporary measure, while we work to make it…

Sam Tree Jan 17, 2014 Comments

Winners of our Sky Nations Competition!

The time has come to choose our winners, click read more to find out if you have won a Sky Nations code!

Sam Tree Jan 01, 2014 Comments

Competition Time: Sky Nations!

The guys from Glacier Gaming have been playing a lot of the Sky Nations alpha build recently, and because of this, we have decided to set up out own s…

Sam Tree Dec 27, 2013 Comments

Scheduled Downtime for Glacier Gaming Today

Many parts of the site may be down throughout the day, including the main site, forums and URL shortener.

Sam Tree Dec 14, 2013 Comments

Teamspeak Server Down *UPDATE*

Due to an unforeseen HDD crash, the Teamspeak server is currently down.

Sam Tree Dec 03, 2013 Comments

Glacier Gaming TS and Minecraft Server Down *UPDATE*

There is currently an issue with the Minecraft and Teamspeak Server, this issue will be fixed as soon as possible, we apologise for any inconvenience…

Andrew Langton Nov 07, 2013 Comments

Glacier Gaming RSS App Updated to v1.2

The official Glacier Gaming app has been updated to version 1.2.

Sam Tree Sep 12, 2013 Comments

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