Nintendo 3DS firmware update 11.11.0 Realesed
Posted by: Sam Tree | 27 August 2019

The Nintendo 3DS may be going through its death-throws, but that’s not to say it couldn’t do with a bit more stability.


11.10.0-43 Rolled Out to Nintendo 3DS and 2DS Systems
Posted by: Sam Tree | 28 May 2019

Nintendo has rolled out a new update for their popular handheld which brings the firmware number up to 11.10.0-43.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 3.0 Brings Stage Builder and More
Posted by: Sam Tree | 17 April 2019

In a video released today, Nintendo has outlined what to expect in the upcoming version 3.0 update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate alongside the contents of their first paid DLC for the title.


That Came Out of Nowhere! Nintendo Switch Firmware Updated to 8.0.0
Posted by: Sam Tree | 16 April 2019

Seemingly from nowhere, Nintendo has dropped the latest firmware update for the Nintendo Switch, bringing it up to version 8.0.0. This update, unlike the last few, actually adds some new features.


Minor Firmware Update 7.01 Released for Nintendo Switch
Posted by: Sam Tree | 19 February 2019

Nintendo has pushed out a minor update for the Nintendo Switch to address an issue with Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!.


Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 2.0 Patch Out Now
Posted by: Sam Tree | 30 January 2019

Nintendo has updated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to version 2.0; tweaks, bug fixes and move changes inbound.


Nintendo Switch's Firmware 7.0 is Pretty Underwhelming
Posted by: Sam Tree | 29 January 2019

Version 7.0 firmware for the Nintendo Switch is now live but despite the jump from 6.2, the update adds little in the way of functionality to Nintendo’s hybrid console.


Fallout 76 Gets a Huge First Patch
Posted by: Sam Tree | 19 November 2018

Bethesda has released the patch notes for Fallout 76’s first update, which for the record, weighs in at a hefty 46GB on consoles, but promises to fix a number of issues affecting their online wasteland adventure.


Nintendo Confirms Not All Games Will Support Cloud Saves
Posted by: Sam Tree | 9 September 2018

With Cloud Saves around the corner with the release of Nintendo’s Online Service for the Switch, the company has recently confirmed that not all titles will support the highly anticipated feature. And that’s from a first party perspective.


Nintendo Switch Online Service to Launch During the Second half of September
Posted by: Sam Tree | 10 August 2018

Nintendo has confirmed that the online subscription service for the Nintendo Switch will be launching during the latter half of September this year; but despite this, they’re still pretty cagey on what we’ll actually be getting.


Nintendo 3DS Software Update
Posted by: Sam Tree | 19 June 2018

Two months short of a year and Nintendo has released another stability update for the 3DS family of consoles.


Team Xecuter Unvails their Nintendo Switch Mod Device
Posted by: Sam Tree | 14 May 2018

In an email sent out today Team Xecuter has finally released information about their Nintendo Switch mod device which they original teased back in January.


Nintendo Reveals Its Online Subscription Service
Posted by: Sam Tree | 8 May 2018

In a press release that went out today, Nintendo has outlined their plans for their premium online service for the Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 5.0.2 Now Live
Posted by: Sam Tree | 17 April 2018

Another update of little substance, which seems to be the norm for Nintendo consoles. While the Switch is an amazing machine, it’s still lacking some basic functionality. Version 5.0.2 doesn’t address much, other than a couple of bug fixes.


Nintendo Switch Firmware Version 5.0 Out Now
Posted by: Sam Tree | 13 March 2018

Nintendo has rolled out the latest firmware version for the Nintendo Switch bringing the hybrid console up to version 5.0. Despite the hype generated by the – now confirmed – fake firmware video the real version 5.0 is a little underwhelming.