Glacier Gaming Interviews Rosebud Games' Toni Sanchez

Posted by: Sam Tree | 15 April 2014

Rosebud Games are a new team on the block, with an ambitious new project known as “Death in Candlewood”, being developed by a team who have collectively worked on games such as Silent Hill: Origins, F.E.A.R. Extraction Point and The Witcher. We have been lucky enough to get an interview with Toni Sanchez, one of the founders of Rosebud Games, and he shares some of his insights into the game, and what we should expect.

We’re really excited about Death in Candlewood here at Glacier Gaming. The game will play over the course of a single night, and is a a psychological FPS, taking a lot of inspiration from classic horror films and the Gothic fiction of Edgar Allan Poe.

Set in 1940’s America, the story follows that of a doctor named Ray Dune, who is trying to save his adopted son. You can check out more about the game on Rosebud Games’ site or read below for the full interview.

Glacier Gaming: Will the world change as you progress through the game? Will your decisions/actions alter the game?

Toni Sanchez: Yes. Although it’s not one of the key features of the game, there will be some secondary goals that can change depending on the decisions/actions you take, but they won’t alter the game ending (for example, taking an injured police officer to a hospital has some rewards, and later on this police officer will help you back, etc). It would be great to include this feature more often in the game, but sadly our limited resources don’t allow as many of them as we’d like.

Glacier Gaming: Being an open-world horror game, what will make the game stand out from the crowd? What clichés are you trying to avoid?

Toni Sanchez: Open-world environments in horror games are unusual. Games like Alan Wake have already explored new ways to increase the size of the environment but keep the tension, so we took that concept and tried to take it further, creating a living world where every dark corner has its own dark story. Sometimes this story relates to the player and sometimes not, but we are always trying to build a story in the player’s mind. The bad news about open worlds is that developers have to spend more time and resources building it, but I think it’s worth it! We hope that with this game players will appreciate the new ways we’re exploring the genre.

Glacier Gaming: As the story is set during the course of one night, will there be any real time events?

Toni Sanchez: Good question! We have had several discussions internally on the team about this, and we felt that real time events would be difficult to fit realistically into the game. There are scripted events in the game but we haven’t planned many real time events. As you say, the story is set over the course of one night but there will be more daytime gameplay than you might expect, as most of the cut scenes, intros and final sequences will take place in the day, as well as some surprise twists! We think the contrast of using the same location during the day and the night in the past and present will contribute to the game’s dark atmosphere.

Glacier Gaming: What inspired you to make the game? What reception do you expect the game to get, given the experience the team have got?

Toni Sanchez: I always wanted to create a game based on Edgar Allan Poe’s stories, specially ‘Ligeia’ (1838), ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ (1839) and ‘The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar’ (1845). I think I’m the one on the team who’s most into Poe, and as soon as I meet this talented team I felt it was the right time to work on such a game. Death In Candlewood has also been influenced by many classic horror movies, directed by people such as Tod Browning and Alfred Hitchcock. Poe’s influence on video games hasn’t been particularly strong to date (unlike H. P. Lovecraft!), so I hope our efforts to build a gothic narrative with a strong psychological undertone will be well appreciated. However, you always have to keep in your mind the fact that we’re a small indie studio with limited resources.

Glacier Gaming: What platforms do you intend to release on, and what difficulties do you face in trying to accomplish this?

Toni Sanchez: We are developing the game on PC because we’re a small team and PC allows us all to work easily on the same project. If we get enough funding we plan to release the game on Mac and Linux, too, which shouldn’t be too difficult. If we reach our base funding goal on Kickstarter, too, we’ll try to talk to every console manufacturer because consoles are very important for us, particularly the downloadable content on Xbox Live Arcade or Playstation Network, but is not only up to us – it also depends on Sony and Microsoft themselves!

We would really like to thank Toni for taking the time to answer our questions, and you can help fund Death in Candlewood by clicking here and taking a look at the Kickstater page!

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