Far Cry 3 Review

Posted by: Andrew (evil_one275) | 2 December 2012


Ubisoft Montreal

Release Date:
November 29th 2012 (AU), November 30th 2012 (EU), December 4th 2012 (NA)

1 - 4 Co-op, 1 - 2 Online

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Reviewed On:
PlayStation 3

In Far Cry 3, you find yourself stranded on a tropical island, a lawless place ruled by piracy and human misery. You dictate how the story unfolds, from the battles you choose to fight down to the allies or enemies you make along the way.

Jason, the protagonist, should fear the pirates running the tropical retreat of Rook Island. In his eyes, killing is not cool. Not yet. The emotional weight only gets heavier as he tries to save his missing friends from slave-trading psychopaths. In turn, Jason’s gradual transformation from coward to killer unfolds in a natural, believable way, which compensates for the narrow revenge premise. As its unpredictable, often uncomfortable story comes unhinged, Far Cry 3 challenges players’ principles: How far would you go to protect the people you love, and what kind of person would you become to get them back?

Jason begins his evolution after escaping the clutches of Vaas, the mentally unstable leader of a pirate gang and the man who’s kidnapped his friends and family. Before having you hunt down Vaas, Far Cry 3 focuses nearly an hour on teaching you survival skills. Jason scavenges supplies, harvests plants, and crafts useful items from animal skins before ever firing a gun at a man. Choose not to take advantage of the wildlife at large and you’re missing out on important upgrades; bigger wallets hold more cash to buy better weapons, weapon holsters house additional firearms, and larger rucksacks store more goods. Motivation drives exploration because there’s a purpose for everything on Rook Island.

there are many hidden items from relics to Lost letter which tell of past struggles that have happend on the island. You’ll explore ancient underground ruins, walk among the locals, and buddy up with the leaders of the native Rakyat tribe. It’s this allegiance that puts Jason on his dark path.The Rakyat can give Jason the power he needs to save his friends, brother, and girlfriend.

The more brutally and often he kills, the more experience Jason earns to become a better murderer. Before long, the man who couldn’t handle the sight of blood learns to chain vicious machete executions, fire pistols from ziplines, and throw knives into eyeballs from 20 meters out. Fear disappears. Jason starts enjoying the slaughter.

Loss of control is an important theme throughout Far Cry 3. Jason and the majority of the main cast have a hard time keeping it together, either because they’re coming unglued or have already lost it. Jason’s allies and enemies don’t feel like video game characters – they feel like people, largely because the fantastic performances are among the best acting in video games.

The allure of Far Cry has always been the open-ended tactical choices available during each encounter, and the variety of ways you could take down targets. With dynamic variables like aggressive wildlife and roaming pirates, your stealth and aggro options open up more than ever. there is something about releasing a trapped animals out of its cage and watching it ravage the ones who captured it. You could snipe from a mountaintop, drive into a camp with Rakyat warriors (or C4 charges) in the back seat, or use a knife and bow to kill quietly. If you’re really bold, why not stab a couple guys after dropping from your hang-glider?

Claiming an enemy stronghold as your own is the same regardless of how you get it done. These bases become hubs for selling loot found in chests, buying better weapons, and attaching scopes and silencers. Better yet, they’re fast-travel spots, allowing you to navigate Rook Island’s breadth efficiently.

The only issue that i have is it keeps wanting to tell you how to do everything in throughout the whole game. i was not able to find anyway to turn this off put this is only a minor complaint.

Multiplayer however dose nothing special. The combat is still fast and engaging, but it’s less tactical. The multiplayer functions like all FPS games, with weapons and attachments unlocking with each level-up. with game modes like team death match and has objective based game modes like domination. The Multiplayer is serviceable, but is afraid to do anything other than explore old territory that has been explored buy almost every other FPS game out there

Co-op leaves the open world behind in favour of linear levels with branching path. With just two, it becomes a frustrating grind. Enemies don’t scale, and the missions are specifically designed for four people. You’ll need a full crew to protect bomb-carriers while blowing up bridges or guarding vehicles from enemy waves.

It would have been nice if they added a mode were you and your friends could do what that wanted on the map that you play in single play and go hunting and kill the pirates or even kill each other if you wish. I believe this is the one mode they really needed to add, i know this mode has already been done before in games like Red Dead Redemption but it is really needed for this sort of game. I believe they could have done some vary unique stuff with the multiplayer.

The Good
The Bad
Overall the game is worth getting. There is a lot of fun that is to be had in this even the multiplayer is fun to play. I recommend for all that have not got it to go out and buy it.
This review is based on playing the PlayStation 3 version of Far Cry 3 .

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