Kickstarter up for Cross Plane Controller

Posted by: Sam Tree | 9 September 2013

Advanced Gaming Innovations LLC has started a Kickstarter campaign for a wireless controller with a built in 7 inch screen that can act as a main display for a PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Ouya Console.

The campaign is after $350,000 to start production of the controllers, and backers who pledge $350 will also receive one of the controllers when they go into production.

The idea behind the Cross Plane Controller is to transmit HDMI data wirelessly to a “control pak” on the back of the Cross Plane, which can be switched out to make it compatible with different platforms.

Whereas the PS3 pak will also function with PC’s and the Ouya, due to “compatible Bluetooth connectivity technology”, the project’s Kickstarter page has however said the 360 version will only be compatible with the Xbox.

They have also stated that there may be Xbox One and PS4 variants, “should the project be successful.”

According tot he project page, the devices is cable of functioning up to 20 feet in line-of-sight range, but Lead Designer Chris Downing told Joystiq in an email that the company hopes to boost that by rearranging the internals: “The remedy is simply a matter of relocating the receiver at which point I’m confident we’ll be able to get back to the 60-plus foot range,” Downing said.

I’m seriously hoping this gets the backing it needs, I may even pledge to it myself, this would be a perfect partner to the gamer that doesn’t like to be confined to seating in front of a large TV!

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