Posted by: Andrew (evil_one275) | 5 September 2013

The best kinds of horror games are those that capitalize on a feeling of isolation. It’s one thing to avoid or fight something horrible, but quite another to be trapped with such a thing. U55 – END OF THE LINE is set in the subway systems of modern-day Berlin, after the world has been set upon by a Lovecraftian cosmic horror. You play a survivor searching for their girlfriend in the dark tunnels, armed only with your dwindling smartphone and whatever blunt objects you come across. You are not alone, as everyone else in the tunnels has been driven to the same unstable point as you. It’s a first-person adventure in a similar sense as Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

U55 – END OF THE LINE capitalizes on sensory input and atmosphere in order to create a true sense of horror. The game’s audio consists heavily of binaural beats, a sound device wherein specific sounds and frequencies of sound stimulate specific stimuli in the brain. This idea is actually pretty ingenious when you think about it. So often in games, we trust what we hear without a second thought. The music intensified? Time for a big fight. Gunshots? Where’s that enemy at. It’s instinctive for a lot of players, just as much as the push of the buttons themselves. Having to shut that off completely changes the way you think while playing, and it certainly seems that the team over at Effective Evolutions understands how to turn a cool idea into an essential part of the game.

They also have plans to have full support for the Oculus Rift.

Effective Evolutions needs a total of $115,000 in order to U55 – END OF THE LINE come to life. please supoprt them by backing them on kickstarter also voting for them on Steam Greenlight

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