Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Comes to PC in the New Year

Posted by: Sam Tree | 27 October 2019

Monster Hunter: World’s first expansion, Iceborne, is finally coming to the PC in the new year.

Starting in January 2020, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be available for hunters playing on the PC; adding tonnes of new content including monsters, a whole new region, and gameplay options.

Made available earlier this year to console players, Iceborne picks up where the main game left off and allows players to explore the chilly and treacherous Hoarfrost Reach from the comfort of the new base camp: Seliana. The new area, which is the biggest region in the game so far, plays host to a number of new monsters and subspecies for hunters to challenge.

The PC version will feature high-resolution texture packs with customisable graphical settings as well as DirectX 12 support. Capcom also notes that the mouse-and-keyboard controls have been revamped to better suit some of the new gameplay actions and abilities.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne muscles its way to PC on the 9th of January 2020.

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