The Last of Us Part II Release Date Trailer

Posted by: Sam Tree | 25 September 2019

The Last of Us released a little over 6 years ago to critical acclaim; with Ellie and Joel stealing a place in the hearts of fans everywhere. Now, finally, we’ll be able to continue their journey with the release of The Last of Us Part II

With the production of the sequel close to completion Naughty Dog has finally – after what feels like an age – revealed the release date for The Last of Us Part II with an epic trailer that quite literally sends shivers down your spine.

Without going into detail, check out the trailer above and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

In addition to the trailer, Naughty Dog has also confirmed the versions of the game that will be available for purchase as well as the goodies that will come with each.

The Collector’s Edition will include a 12″ Ellie statue as well as a life-sized replica of Ellie’s bracelet, a custom SteelBook case, 48-page mini art book from Dark Horse, a set of six enamel pins, lithograph art print, and a set of five stickers. There will also be a code included that will unlock a dynamic theme for the PlayStation 4 as well as a set of six avatars, digital soundtrack, and a digital version of the mini art book.

The Special Edition will come with a custom SteelBook case as well as the digital content from the Collector’s Edition. Players who Opt for the Digital Deluxe Edition will also unlock the digital bonuses from above, as well as a PSN avatar of Ellie’s tattoo (when pre-ordering).

Anyone who pre-orders any version of the game will also receive to in-game unlocks when the game launches for an Ammo Capacity Upgrade – which unlocks an ammo capacity upgrade for Ellie’s pistol – as well as a Crafting Training manual to unlock new crafting recipes and upgrades.

The Last of Us Part II is due for release on the 21st of February 2020 for the PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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