RCMloader ONE

Posted by: Sam Tree | 29 July 2019

The RCMLoader is a one-size-fits-all Payload.bin loader for the Nintendo Switch. It’s light, portable and easy to use which makes it an attractive alternative to other launchers on the market; especially if you like to use an assortment of custom firmware instead of just the one.

The device comes packed in a small, plastic box; perfect for storage, and fits snuggly within my Switch’s carrying case. Included in the package is the RCMloader ONE device as well as a short micro USB cable you can use to charge the device as well as connect it to your PC to switch out the pre-loaded payloads.

The device itself is fairly compact and well built. It’s made of a matte-black plastic which has a nice, premium feel to it with neon blue and red edges; mirroring the original neon JoyCons of the Switch. On the face of the device is a Plus shaped button and a Minus shaped LED which provides the user with various information based on the illumination colour. This again ties the device into the aesthetics of the Switch console which is a nice touch.

The RCMloader ONE contains a built-in Lithium-ion battery – as you would expect – which the team states can manage up to 1000 injections on a single one hour charge time. While during my usage I didn’t need to boot my Switch anywhere near that number of times, I’m happy to report that I didn’t experience any moments where the device needed charging. Unlike my SX Pro device which seemingly looses power while sat in my carry case overnight.

Out of the box, the RCM Loader supports launchers for SX OS, Atmosphere and ReiNX, and with the click of a button, the payload in use can be changed. Users can also load up to three custom payloads by simply connecting the device to a PC and copying the payload into the appropriate folder. To swap payloads on the fly you only need to hold down the Plus button for three seconds or so. The LED will flash the corresponding colour to indicate which payload is active.

  • Red – SX OS
  • Blue – Atmosphere
  • Green – ReiNX
  • Yellow – Custom 1
  • Magenta – Custom 2
  • Cyan – Custom 3

As well as the seemingly easy to use nature of the device, it also comes with an RCM Jig; used to boot your console into RCM mode. It slots neatly into the back of the RCMloader One and can be removed when needed. A nice little touch for those who forgo soldering the points of their JoyCon and require a jig each time when booting into custom firmware.

Overall I’ve been impressed with the RCMloader One device. From its ease of use to its thoughtful design. If you’re a fan of using multiple custom firmware on your console, it’s a no brainer and a must-have. for the battery life alone I would even go as far as saying it’s a perfect replacement to the official SX Pro dongle. While it’s not as compact as the SX device, it’s certainly more versatile.

The RCMloader ONE used for testing in this review was kindly provided by Flashcarda.com and is currently sold for $18.99 (about £15.50). You can also get the RCMloader One bundled with SX OS for $49.76 (about £40.50)

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