New Subspecies, New Gathering Hub and More in Latest Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Trailer

Posted by: Sam Tree | 11 July 2019

A new trailer for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne shows off the new Gathering Hub in the Seliana headquarters, new monster subspecies, plus other gameplay improvements and additions.

First up are new subspecies of existing monsters; these twisted variations will amp up the difficulty, requiring only the most dedicated of hunters to take them on. Joining the roster of huntable beasts are the Fulgur Anjanath, this brute wyvern channels electricity instead of the usual fire and the Ebony Odogaron, more vicious, faster and with a wider attack range than it’s ordinary counterpart complete with dragon elemental attacks. Lastly, the trailer gives us a glimpse of the Glavenus – teased in the last trailer with its roar – which uses its tail much like a sword to slash and swipe at hunters.

Ebony Odogaron Fulgur Anjanath Glavenus

The new Gathering Hub is also showcased, the new Seliana home base in Hoarfrost Reach is built around an interactive hot spring where hunters and Palicoes can easily manage their equipment and resources. In addition, “My Room” will also feature new personalisation options like furniture, décor, and colours. A planned update post-launch will eventually allow players to visit each other’s spaces.

In addition and a first for the series, Icebourne will offer more flexibility to hunters when playing together. A new scaling balanced difficulty setting has been included which will adapt for a two-player team if others drop out of the hunt, or if players take on monsters with their Palicoes.

Talking of, Palicoes are also getting an upgrade with the inclusion of upgraded gadgets. For example, an enhanced version of the Vigorwasp that can revive players back into the battle immediately if they faint, or the Shieldspire Stooge; a mobile decoy that draws monsters away from the player.

New Squad Cards and Sub-leaders have also been added. Squad Cards can be sent as invites to players to allow others to join your group; much like a Guild Card for individual players can be traded while Sub-leaders who will be able to help accepting now team requests.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is due for release on the 6th of September 2019 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PC version will come at a later, yet still unannounced date.

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