Final Fantasy VII Remake Finally Has a Release Date

Posted by: Sam Tree | 10 June 2019

After what feels like centuries, Final Fantasy VII Remake finally has a release date. Well, the first episode does at least.

During the FINAL FANTASY VII: A Symphonic Reunion orchestra concert in LA this weekend, Square Enix confirmed – along with a new trailer – the first episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake will be launching on the 3rd of March 2020, debuting first on the PlayStation 4.

There’s no word on when the title will be released on other platforms, and given the original’s heritage, it’s no surprise that PlayStation gets first dibs.

It’s likely that we’ll get more information in Square Enix’s E3 Livestream early tomorrow morning. You can catch it here at 1am Tuesday 11th June GMT. (6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern)

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