Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Crossplay Confirmed the be Input Based

Posted by: Sam Tree | 4 June 2019

When Activision revealed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to the world last week, players were excited to learn that Infinity Ward’s reboot would be crossplay compatible between consoles and PC. This did lead to a few questions; most notably how balancing would exist between the two formats’ control schemes.

In a recent article by Forbes, these questions have now been answered.

Players using a traditional controller will be automatically paired with players using the same setup, be this on console or PC. Players using a mouse and keyboard will receive the same treatment. Input matchmaking is a smart move to reduce the inevitable decimation of console players tackling PC pros.

Activision also spoke about wanting to ensure that the player base doesn’t become fractured (noted by doing away with costly season passes) as it has done in the past, so this bold move should hopefully inspire other developers to push toward the same goal to make crossplay an industry standard.

Let us know your throughs on PC to console crossplay in the comments below.

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