Ubisoft Pledges €500,000 to the Restoration of Notre Dame

Posted by: Sam Tree | 17 April 2019

Assassin’s Creed developer, Ubisoft Montréal, has donated €500,000 to the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral, which tragically caught fire earlier this week.

In response to the fire, Ubisoft, who recreated the famous Parisian landmark in 2014’s Assassin’s Creed: Unity, pledged the funds to assist with the rebuilding of the iconic spire. Game artists spent nearly 14 months on recreating the Cathedral from old maps, drawings, and photographs to a scale of 90% decking it out as it would have been during the 1790s.

“My colleague Pascal Barriault (the texture artist) and I were constantly asking ourselves, what details of the building stuck in people’s minds? What kind of images linger when we think about this architectural masterpiece?” says Caroline Miousse, a Ubisoft level artist. “Personally, I wanted to challenge myself to understand church architecture. Since I had never been formally taught, I had to figure things out on my own to recreate Notre Dame’s structure in the most realistic way possible.”

As a tribute to the Notre Dame de Paris, Ubisoft has also made Assassin’s Creed: Unity free until 8am on the 25th of April, stating “Ubisoft wants to give all gamers the chance to experience the majesty and beauty of the cathedral through Assassins Creed Unity”. Players wishing to add the game to their library can do so through the Uplay application or by clicking here.

[Source: The Guardian]

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