Nintendo Enters the VR Game - But it's Not What You Think

Posted by: Sam Tree | 7 March 2019

24 years after the failure of the Virtual Boy, Nintendo once again tries its hand at VR, but with a twist.

Building on their successful Labo brand, Nintendo has -seemingly from nowhere – announced a new virtual reality setup for the cardboard kits.

The Nintendo Labo: VR Kit is the fourth expansion and comes with six new Toy-Con creations to build, one of which is the Google Cardboardesque Toy-Con VR Goggles which the Nintendo Switch slots into. The kit will launch with two configurations with addition Expansion Sets which can be purchased separately.

Designed to be passed around in a group environment, Nintendo has also stated that players will also be able to use the bundled software in handheld mode, with the need to slot the Nintendo Switch into the Toy-Con VR Goggles.

Nintendo Labo: VR Kit
The complete Nintendo Labo: VR Kit includes the Nintendo Switch software and materials to build all six Toy-Con projects – the Toy-Con VR Goggles, Toy-Con Blaster, Toy-Con Camera, Toy-Con Bird, Toy-Con Wind Pedal and Toy-Con Elephant – as well as a Screen Holder and Safety Cap. It’s a good option for kids and families who want to dive into the full experience.

Nintendo Labo: VR Kit – Starter Set + Blaster
The Starter Set includes the Nintendo Switch software, plus all the components to build the Toy-Con VR Goggles and Toy-Con Blaster, as well as the Screen Holder and Safety Cap. The Starter Set is a great entry point into the world of Nintendo Labo VR.

Players who already own the Starter Set will also be able to purchase Expansion Sets in order to expand on their current collection.

Nintendo Labo: VR Kit – Expansion Set 1
Expansion Set 1 includes the Toy-Con Elephant and Toy-Con Camera.

Nintendo Labo: VR Kit – Expansion Set 2
Expansion Set 2 includes the Toy-Con Wind Pedal and Toy-Con Bird.

It’s worth noting that neither of the Expansion Sets comes with the Toy-Con VR Goggles or Nintendo Labo: VR Kit software, so you’ll need the Starter Set, at the very least, to play with them.

The Nintendo Labo: VR Kit is due for release on the 12th of April 2019 for the Nintendo Switch; you can find out more info on the kits on the Nintendo Website.

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