World War Z "Zombies are Coming" Trailer

Posted by: Sam Tree | 26 February 2019

Everyone loves a good co-op zombie game, there’s no denying it. But with games like Left 4 Dead far behind us and State of Decay, well, enough said about that the better; things are looking bleak for the genre. Yes, we have Days Gone to look forward too, but that’s a single player affair. Saber Interactive’s World War Z might be what we’re looking for.

Based on the movie which is based on the book of the same name, World War Z throws hordes and hordes of zombies at its players; the newly released gameplay trailer below shows us more of what to expect from the post-apocalyptic co-op survival adventure.

World War Z is powered by Saber Interactive’s dynamic Swarm Engine which reminds me of the previous mentioned Left 4 Dead series. Players can choose from one of six distinct classes as well as picking from an arsenal of weapons, explosives, turrets and traps.

Complete with a four-player co-op campaign which takes players all over the world, World War Z also offers team-based Player vs Player vs Zombies multiplayer modes.

Available for pre-order now, World War Z is due for release on the 16th of April for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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