How to Survive The End In Minecraft

Posted by: Sam Tree | 18 December 2017

Your exciting journey through the Minecraft world has taken you to the deepest recesses of the ground, exploring dark caves, fighting dangerous Endermen, and, finally, to a vast, dangerous Stronghold. You activate the portal, mentally prepare yourself to jump into The End, and defeat the Ender Dragon. But wait! Are you even prepared?

If you’ve made it this far in Minecraft, you probably know how dangerous and unpredictable the world can be, especially if you’ve played on Hardcore mode. Before you decide to jump into The End, make sure you have a strong plan of attack.

What Equipment Do I Need?
If you want a fair chance against the powerful Ender Dragon, you should make sure you’ve got the right equipment. Protection is one of the most important factors in surviving The End. Get together the best armour you can. If all you have is Iron or less, that could work, but you’ll have a much stronger chance of surviving if you suit up in full Diamond armour. Enchantments that reduce damage are especially useful also.

As for weapons, a good sword and some bows with many stacks of arrows is your best option. A few other objects that could really come in handy would be Ender Pearls, for quick escapes, Golden Apples, for quick healing, and any types of potions that you think would give you the upper hand; a dragon can’t hurt you if it can’t catch you!

As a rule of thumb, don’t forget to bring food. You want to make sure you can heal when you get injured (and you will get injured).

Strategies For Fighting The Ender Dragon
So, it’s finally time. You jumped into the portal, and you’re instantly blind-sided by a huge dragon. Don’t panic; there’s a strategy you can follow to become victorious.

Remember, the best part about Minecraft is how flexible the game is, which means there is room for mistakes. If you start losing health, or if you get knocked down by the dragon, don’t worry, you can still make a comeback.

Observe your surroundings. You’ll notice droves of Endermen, ready to attack you. All around you are giant obsidian towers with powerful crystals that heal the Ender Dragon.

As if dealing with the dragon wasn’t hard enough, Endermen are everywhere. You can solve this problem by wearing a pumpkin on your head. Endermen will only act aggressively if you look them in the eyes, but the pumpkin will disguise that. If you want extra protection, try placing some water buckets to keep those pesky Endermen away from you.

Now that those Endermen are dealt with, it’s time to destroy those crystals before the Ender Dragon destroys you. The sooner you smash them, the faster you can defeat the dragon.
The water buckets also serve as an easy way to break your fall if you decide to hit the crystals instead of shooting them. You can bring building materials, like dirt or cobblestone, to tower up to the crystals.

A smarter and safer method to destroy the crystals would be to shoot them with your bow. An infinite arrow enchantment would spare you from possibly running out when you need it most.
Those crystals are the only thing keeping the Dragon alive. Once you destroy them, the Dragon can be killed with your sword or arrows.

As a final word of advice, you should realize that fighting the Ender Dragon is not easy. If for some reason you get defeated, you don’t want all of your efforts to be for nothing.

It would be advised to put a bed near the End Portal and sleep in it for one night. This will reset your spawn point to inside the Stronghold, so you don’t have to search for it all over again. Just be careful to not put the bed too close to the portal. You don’t want to respawn inside the portal or the lava pool.

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