Offensive Combat: Redux Review

Posted by: Stephen Brown | 18 September 2017

SlapShot Games, LLC

Three Gates AB

Release Date:
18 Aug, 2017

Online multiplayer


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Offensive Combat: Redux is the first FPS game I’ve played in a while, since DOOM in fact, so go grab a cup of tea/coffee/generic brand energy drink, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, slump into your chair, prepare your scrolling finger and let’s jump head first into the most irreverent shooter on or off the block.

Offensive Combat: Redux, developed by Three Gates AB, is available on PC via Steam now. The first incarnation of Offensive Combat was a browser-based FPS affair and while Redux is related, it’s a slightly different beast; with the upgraded graphics seemingly the reason for this game is a full application as opposed to browser-based.

In most respects, Offensive Combat (OC) is a fairly standard FPS, there are no surprises in the way it plays – fast, chaotic and lots of killing. There is no story mode; Online and against killer robots is all you need and this leads me to the first point I would like to make about OC. It’s great to pick up and play when you only have a short gaming window, don’t have time to get into narrative and plot and just have the need for some quick fun with lots of senseless killing. One of the cool, unique points of OC is the pwn. In OC it’s not enough to just kill your opponents, you really get to rub their faces in it too – literally!

Like every FPS game these days you use the standard WSAD controls + mouse and a couple other keys for grenades, doing stuff and pwning (more on this later). There are plenty of nice obvious prompts in game too for what to press when. The menus are simple and easy to navigate, I was pleasantly surprised at the array of weapons and character swag on offer. You can also purchase additional pwns in the shop too.

Another point worth noting is OC uses an XP based currency as the game does not allow for real cash money micro-transactions – which personally I prefer. Therefore, we say to those of you hoping to roll in and just buy the best swag, prepare to be teabagged!

There are six maps on launch and a new level is going to be released every month from launch along with other additional content such as character mods, weapons and new pwns.

A brief synopsis of the maps:

  • Burninator– A lava-filled citadel in ruins. Grab some armour and get to the top of the map for the best vantage point
  • Courtyard– An Asian temple with Dragon Statues and Koi ponds that keeps you moving
  • Dry Run – A desert-themed town that features plenty of sniping spots and three paths that make this a favourite for Capture-The-Flag games
  • Probetown – The Aliens have landed in suburbia and they’re beaming you up to pick up power-ups like armour and the Chain-gun!!
  • Slums– A run-down section of a city that features sniping spots and close quarters choke points as well as all the power-ups and ammo crates
  • Turbine– A futuristic energy plant with multiple towers and lots of places to battle it out

Admittedly six maps aren’t many; the devs have recognised this and there will be more content released regularly. The six levels are all well thought out and play well whether there are loads of players or only a handful. There are a variety of pickups throughout each map and the usual array of lifts, stairs and jumps to get around.

Pwn’ing your opponent’s leads to an array of pickups which can range from weapons to power-ups and extra XP. Not to mention infuriating your opponents is a core part of this game and really adds a fun element. The pwns range from a taunting dance to teabagging your opponents in the face repeatedly.

Graphically the game is pretty slick, it’s clearly designed to play fast and suffers no glitching or coding errors and happily ran at 120 FPS+ on each of the three test machines we used it on from 1080p midrange rig (AMD A10 & R9 280X) to running at 3440×1440 with a GTX 1080 & i7 combo. The sound in the OC isn’t its best attribute if I’m honest, the soundtrack was a bit lame; the noises are repetitive and loudly annoying during extended play, however, I found I played mostly in short stints.

The online experience with Offensive Combat: Redux is really what it’s all about, pwn’ing your mates, making enemies and teabagging them all into disgust; in this respect, the game delivers really well. The servers were always fast, my average ping was a solid 50 at all times and I just have a standard BT fibre line at home approx. 80/20 although I have been informed it ran perfectly well over standard broadband as well.

In conclusion, the graphics are slick, the game plays very well and the controls are highly intuitive. One of my biggest attractors with Offensive Combat is the lack of political correctness when playing – very refreshing! Remember this is a game that doesn’t take it’s self too seriously and that’s exactly what it does, whilst also crafting a space for itself as a great playing FPS that you can pick up and play without taking it too seriously. For this reason, I feel it’s going to have good long-term appeal simply because I can pick it up for have a quick blast and not take it seriously.

The Good
  • Runs really well, no noticeable bugs
  • Pwning is fun
  • Loads of customisation
The Bad
  • Soundtrack could use some work
  • Player base is still quite small, meaning there are often only a handful of players online
  • Could use some more levels – although this is in the works
Offensive Combat: Redux a fun FPS which is great for a quick bash.
This review is based on playing the PC version of Offensive Combat: Redux that was kindly provided for review purposes by SlapShot Games, LLC .

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