Pay Day 2 Review

Posted by: Andrew (evil_one275) | 16 August 2013

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13 August 2013

1-4 co-op Online multiplayer

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

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Payday 2 is a cooperative first-person shooter video game developed by Overkill Software. It is the sequel to Payday: The Heist

Get in, get out. Grab six bags of cash, more if we’re feeling confident, go in through the back, it’s easy to lockpick that door. Take down any guards that get in the way hide the bodies
That was we hoped would happen, anyway. Who could have guessed we’d end up here, holed up in a bank, low on ammo, SWAT team breaking in through the windows—all while we do our best to get the drill working on the safe again? And all because we ran into an bystander on the way to the money. The jerk called the cops almost instantly after he saw us. Thankfully, the getaway van is supposed to be on its way, we just have to hang tight and survive the onslaught of cops.

Things hardly ever go to plan in Payday 2, the co-op first person shooter that’s (mostly) about robberies. In the hours that I’ve played I have only once managed to get a job perfect once and in honesty I don’t know how we managed to do it when we were just a bunch of random people playing together.

Players use a system called “Crimenet,” where they can select a number of different missions—some normal, some more difficult versions of existing missions, and some missions that span multiple days. The harder a mission is, the more money you’ll get from it. These missions can also range from straightforward bank robberies to transporting drugs, although, regardless of what the set-up is, most seem to require you to break into something, and to move high-value items to your getaway car.

Once a mission is selected, players are taken to a lobby. It might be someone else’s in-progress heist, which you can drop in and out of as you please. It might be your own lobby, where you can decide if you want to let other players join you or not. From there, players can also select a loadout—there are a variety of different guns, attachments, and masks to equip, along with skills and abilities depending on what you choose to spec for.

You can mix and match what type specializations you have, provided you’ve gained enough skill points from completing missions, although you’ll need to invest heavily in specific trees if you’d like to enjoy some of the high-powered abilities

Usually, if you’ve got a good group going, the idea is to pull off a perfect heist…which means spending time before a game starts denoting who does what and when, along with discussing loadouts. This planning stage is when Payday 2 shines: while shoot-outs are a part of the heist fantasy, a good criminal doesn’t have to resort to it, right?

Thing is, there are a ton of factors that can throw a mission out the window. Bystanders will become suspicious if you run around with a mask on and a gun pulled out, naturally. A camera might catch you. Shooting is noisy. A metal detector might go off, since you’re armed to the teeth. Even if you know a mission has certain obstacles, you can never fully prepare for what it holds, as things are slightly randomized. Maybe the safe of interest is in a certain room on this run, and maybe it’s in a different room in the next one, for example.

More often than not, your plan goes down the drain, the police will be alerted and then will shortly appear on the scene. At that point it becomes a matter of trying to hold them off from stoping the drill, or overriding the computer depending on the missing.

The AI are not really that smart but the one thing they do well is aim. They will do things like come through the roof just after you have taken down an entire squad that had just come through the same way.

I wish that when it come down to all the different bank hest missions that they did not just use the same map and change what is in the safe and inside the safe don’t even look different you got the main objective in the middle of the same and a bunch of deposit boxes along the walls, it would have been nice if they made each of the different missions in a different bank .

Overall it is a fun game to play especially when you can get into a mission with a bunch of your friends.

The Good
The Bad
Good game all together but much more fun with friends
This review is based on playing the PC version of Pay Day 2 .

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