Metro Last Light Review

Posted by: Nick Phillips | 22 August 2013

Deep Silver

4A Games

Release Date:
May 14, 2013 (USA), May 17, 2013 (EUR)


Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Linux

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Post apocalyptic combat in the claustrophobic metro of Russia? Metro Last Light brings you back in to the world of the cult best selling novel: Metro 2033.

In Last Light, you become Atrium, a newly established ranger who has been welcomed in to the Order, an elite group of the metro government, all because your character decided to nuke an already nuked landscape to glass a mutant enemy called the Dark ones… Turns out there was one that survived and now its time to set off and find this mysterious creature and maybe try and survive on the way… That was much as I could follow, the rest… I dunno.

I decided after all the time I spent annihilating everything in the previous metro I wanted to have a go at ranger mode, no HUD, less ammo and brutal combat. I wasn’t convinced to start.

Without the comfort of the HUD, you feel cut off, it closes you in to the environment, Even with the dark closed spaces and the cold damp atmosphere the developers have still made this a beautiful environment, the water effects, lighting and shadow come together to give you complete engulfing experience, that along with the cheap man made weapons and limited ammo you truly experience a unique and terrifying, but confusing story.

The enemies fit well, starting with mainly gun fights with factions and bandits moving through to mutants of all sizes, to spiders (which burn nicely once you go at their webs with the lighter). A nice mix, but I did have a few issues. A line of 4 bandits talking in the dark, I managed to kill all without a single query into as to where their friend they were bumping shoulders with had gone or why he had randomly decided to have a nap in a puddle of blood, the A.I at times had me scratching my head and I constantly pushed my luck to see what was possible, and if all went wrong, hide for 30 seconds and all were struck with amnesia. The mutants are very different, very aggressive and usually got the jump on me if I didn’t keep an ear out for movement and growling. Usually if I missed it I would be down in a second. Though where the human A.I had a slight issue with a torch in their eyes the mutants don’t even know your there. Shine a light down a tunnel with a few grizzlies? Don’t worry, usually they just ignore you. Shame, I kinda wanted to feel for my mistakes.

It helps getting a used to all the weapons at your disposal, like I said before, you don’t have a cross-hair or any way to keep an eye on your ammo so after I first started and had a choice any weapon I had to go for the highest caliber rifle and a high rate of fire AK. Turns out that you can’t find high caliber ammo anywhere and the AK ammo you pick up a handful at a time. So a change of tactics was needed, as soon as it goes click grab the closest weapon and hope it has a clip. This served as a good idea as I learned the good an the bad of each weapon quickly and got me out of allot of trouble and in to it equally as fast. The added mechanic of add-ons and weapon jams only adds more and more the game, get stuck in a tight spot and your Bastard (its an SMG) jams on you and you have to turn your back and run like hell while trying to find another gun or unjam the Bastard. This really brings the feeling that all is lost, this feeling stays with you. Then the game brakes up the gun play with brief visits to the metro town where you can get a feel for underground communities, and stop off at the gun shop and pimp your guns.

I decided the best plan for me was a silent weapon and a hard hitting boom stick. So the silenced AK and the quad barrel shot gun was a must. Then when the ammo was out, drop one for something to keep you going.

Metro Last light was a nice addition to the series but maybe not the best for replay value. After the last chapter I became tired of all the killing and pat myself on the back for making it through hardcore with out damaging anything I own of value. There wasn’t many times where I had a hard time in hardcore dealing with confrontations, but I did see the point in it, a real immersion in to the game and this is where the best experience came from, it does feel realistic. I hope we see more metro and after all the refined graphics I hope to see a more refined A.I, rather then having to wander up to an enemy and have pity on the dumb son of a bitch, maybe coat them in blade repelling paint or proximity sensors, just give them a chance.

The Good
The Bad
The Ranger mode is a must, all in all, a good addition to Metro series. The gunplay makes up for story
This review is based on playing the PC version of Metro Last Light .

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