The Walking Dead Michonne: Episode 3 “What We Deserve” Review

Posted by: Daryll Marsh | 29 April 2016

Telltale Games

Telltale Games

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26th April 2016

Single Player

PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android

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PlayStation 4

What We Deserve is the concluding chapter in TellTale’s three part adventure game focussing on The Walking Dead’s katana-swinging all around bad ass Michonne. The episode begins with a flashback to Michonne’s time aboard Pete’s ship The Companion, and the bonds she formed with the crew, which features more prominently later in the episode.

Following the flashback, the episode leaps forward to the here and now, and the aftermath of the pivotal decision from Give No Shelter. Randall had infiltrated the grounds of Sam’s family home, killed her father, been subdued and tied up in the garage; goading Michonne into killing him. I agonised over whether to spare Randall’s life, as I was aware his over-protective sister Norma was already baying for Michonne’s blood; but in the end, just as the timer bar expired I decided to bash Randall’s skull in – consequences be damned.

This decision obviously leaves Michonne and the remainder of Sam’s family in a very precarious position, as Norma is willing to trade The Companion’s crew for her brother. A quick plan is made to fool Norman, followed by some filler involving Sam’s family whilst awaiting Norma’s arrival. Michonne can choose to help Sam bury her father or leave her to it, and must arm the remaining members of the family for the pending battle.

There are a conversations with each family member, and a memorial service before Norma and her Monroe cronies arrive for the hostage exchange. Michonne’s hallucinations of her daughters once again push into the picture during this sequence, with fleeting glances of her daughters running around as you make your way around the house.

The exchange takes place at the gates of the home, the aim being to get as many crew members as you can in exchange for Randall (or a re-animated walker Randall if you took the same decision as me). Inevitably everything goes to hell, with a gunfight attracting a herd of walkers. Norma and her crew force their way into the compound, pushing Michonne and the rest of the group towards the house.

Norma is bitten by a walker during the battle, and you’re given the chance to put her out of her misery, or let her become zombie chow. I decided to leave Norma to the walkers, which I admit gave me a sense of satisfaction, as she had no redeeming features – to the point of being downright annoying, even as an antagonist.

Having lost their leader, the rest of the Monroe militia force Michonne’s group into the house, using Molotov cocktails to set the place ablaze. Michonne has to navigate her way through the burning building, rescuing members of Sam’s family as she goes. Michonne’s visions of her daughters intensify during this sequence, culminating with the decision to exorcise the demons of her past once and for all.

The episode concludes with the surviving members of the group, comprised of The Companion’s crew and Sam’s family reaching the shoreline; and Michonne’s decision on whether to return to team Grimes or stay with Pete a little longer. Once the decision is made, Michonne sees a couple of familiar silhouettes in the tree line, but ultimately walks away and towards the boat,

Overall I felt that the episode, as with previous instalments, was very conversation led; with very little in the way of exploration and action – as Elvis once sang: A little less conversation, a little more action please; all this aggravating ain’t satisfying me. I put the heavy conversation ratio down to the length of the series, as a lot of stuff needed to be explained and squared away to ensure all the loose ends were tied up.

The voice acting is solid, although once again I found Pete’s English crewmate Oak’s accent was dodgy, like a bad Bob Hoskins impression – which pulled me out of the moment a little, as I was trying to clear the image from my head rather than focusing on the dialogue (not that any of the exchanges between Oak and Michonne appeared to have any consequences).

Other than those two issues, I was happy with the series as a whole. The graphics still feel like you’re playing a Walking Dead comic book brought to life, and the fire and flames during the later sequences were well rendered. The series is worth a look if you’re waiting for full third season of TellTale’s Walking Dead series, which we’ll hopefully learn more about in June at this year’s E3.

The Good
The Bad
What We Deserve rushes to tie up all the loose ends from the previous two episodes – too much waffle, too little action
This review is based on playing the PlayStation 4 version of The Walking Dead Michonne: Episode 3 “What We Deserve” .

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