Crossout - Post Apocalyptic Vehicular Warfare Review

Posted by: Chris Jones | 8 June 2016

Gaijin Entertainment

Targem Games

Release Date:
Initial Beta Release 2015



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Ever wonder what would happen if a game took influence from Mad Max and crossed it with the ground warfare from War Thunder? Wonder no more! The guys at Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have made exactly that with their latest MMO Crossout. It might not officially be anything to do with Mad Max, but you can definitely see that they have taken influence from it.

Crossout is all about vehicular arena combat in which you can design your own vehicles to take to battle. Set in a post-apocalyptic world you have to build your vehicles to match your play style in order to claim victory. This is where the influence from War Thunder can be seen. The combat and vehicle controls have many links with War Thunder and it is clear that Gajin Entertainment has taken what they have learnt from adding tanks and used it in Crossout to create a great multiplayer experience. Although the game is still in beta, most of the gameplay mechanics are already there, with a few tweaks here and there, in particular with the repairing mechanic, ‘cough cough’ Gaijin, it will be a great game.

The concept of post-apocalyptic warfare is quite a simple one, but it’s the amount of customisation that you can achieve that really makes this game. You will find as you play that you will rarely see any vehicles that look the same. Once you get past the lower levels and are able to add more items to your vehicle of choice and the creations become quite amazing. Searching through the community creations there are already some great designs out there, including the War Rig from Mad Max, so it can’t just be me that see’s the similarities.

To craft these beasts, you are given pretty much free rein over your design. All a vehicle requires is a base and a driver cabin and then off you go to create whatever you wish. Whether that’s an exact replica of a Sherman tank or you fancy trying the build the Back To The Future Delorean with a cannon that’s up to you. As you level up you get more options and get to decide how you wish to play. I voted for a slow heavy armoured van with a huge cannon on top, but you may decide you prefer a fast buggy with a few machine guns and shotguns for quick lightning attacks. That’s the best thing about Crossout, if you don’t like your current style of play just pull apart your vehicle and build a new one.

Upon reaching level ten you can unlock one of the three other factions that aren’t given to you when you start. Again here you can choose your style of play and they will shape your future vehicles. Going with the Lunatics, for example, will give you access to fast buggys and explosive spears, whilst if you opt for the Scavengers you get tracks instead of wheels and larger weapons.

The diversity of parts made available to you means you will always find your place in the game and never feel forced into using something you don’t want to. Once you’ve constructed your vehicle you can take it straight out into the fight and see what it’s got. Once in battle, you will experience one of the best features of the game, the damage modelling system. Every item you place on your vehicle is completely destructible. When in combat, you will find your war machine begins to fall apart under the fire of the enemy, but this opens up a whole host of tactics.

You can quickly decide what parts the enemy has no need for, for example, those wheels, do they really need them? Or perhaps you want to aim to take out their guns and leave them completely without defence. This may affect your construction; do you perhaps go for heavy armour to protect all your critical parts or do you go for a heavy attack to remove the enemy threat before they can do anything to you? The options are nearly endless and it really opens up the creativeness of the players.

Crossout is a good game with great potential and really allows players to decide how they want to play. You aren’t forced into using any vehicle or classes that you don’t want to and the whole freedom in creating your craft makes for a very dynamic multiplayer. Each fight you will come up against a new enemy, with a new tactic and that will shape your own designs and lead you to make something incredible. For that reason, I suggest you all go and give this a look, even if just for a minute. If you want to try Crossout for yourself, you can sign up for the beta here and maybe we shall meet in combat.

The Good
  • Lots of customisation available
  • The damage modelling allows tactics to be developed
The Bad
  • Needs a better repair system
  • Can be slow to level up
Crossout has a really solid multiplayer that is fast paced and addictive, it is definitely one to watch.
This review is based on playing the PC version of Crossout - Post Apocalyptic Vehicular Warfare that was kindly provided for review purposes by Gaijin Entertainment.

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