How to Fix Error 002-0123 on Sky3DS+ (Orange Button)
Author: Sam Tree | Posted: 23 January 2016, 19:43

Just like the blue and red button versions of the Sky3DS you can use the Sky3DS+ to play backups of your games. This guide will help you fix the 002-0123 error code when trying to connect to online services while using the device. Once again, this guide is intended for educational purposes only for use with your own backups. Glacier Gaming does not condone piracy.

If you own the Sky3DS (with the blue or red button) you will need to follow this guide instead.

If you have tried to connect to online services using your Sky3DS+ and you are receiving the bellow error, this guide should help you fix this:

In order to follow this guide, you will need the following:

  • The backup of your game in either 3ds or 3dz format.
  • Your own private header – This can be ripped from any game, I chose to use a game with no online capabilities so that my games wouldn’t clash if they were ever to go online at the same time. There are plenty of guides online of how to do this.
  • Gateway ROM Patcher
  • Your Sky3DS+ to be updated to at least version 110. (You can get the update files form the Sky3DS website)

WARNING: Changing the header for your games will mean your save files will stop working. I advise backing up your save games using SVDT or similar through the Homebrew Launcher first.

Step One – Generating your .CFG File

The new Sky3DS+ does not use a template file. Instead, the data is stored in a .CFG file per game. It is this file you need to alter by adding in your private header key and the card manufacturer data.

To generate the .CFG file, you need to do the following:

  • Open your settings.txt file on your MicroSD card.
  • If you do not have “CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS=1” add this line, or change it from a 0 to a 1 if you do have it.
  • Copy the game you wish to play online to your MicroSD card, put it into your Sky3DS and then put the card into your 3DS; the LEDs should flash and your games should load as normal.
  • Put your MicroSD card back into your computer. You should see that every game now has a .CFG file as well as a .SAV file.
  • Copy the .CFG file to some where memorable on your PC.
  • Delete the .SAV file – This is important! If you do not delete the .SAV file that is there, the new header won’t be applied.
    • If you have save data that you want to backup, I recommend using SVDT. It works fine with the Sky3DS and Sky3DS+

Step Two – Getting Your Private Header Key and Manufacture Details

  • Click the Load Rom button and open the ROM of the game you wish to fix. Press Yes and OK to any dialogue boxes that pop up.
  • Click on Import header from file.
  • You should now have a screen that looks some thing like this:

  • You’re interested in the bottom half of this window.

Step Three – Adding Your Private Header and Manufacturer Details to Your .CFG File

  • Make a note of your Cart. ID; this is your Private Header key.
  • Make a note of the Chip ID; if this is blank, use the top Chip ID box instead.
  • Now open the .CFG file of the game you are trying to fix. You can use Notepad, but I prefer to use Notepad++.
  • You should see the following four entries:


  • Copy the Chip ID after the equals (=) sign of CART_ID. It should look some thing like this:


  • Now copy the after the equals sign of GAMESAVE_KEY. Again, it should look like this:


  • Hit the save button.
  • Copy the .CFG file back to your MicroSD card.

And that’s it. Providing you followed the steps correctly, you should now be able to play online with your Sky3DS+.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


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